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Hello and welcome to my blog. It is here that I will be working through various discussion topics related to technology, learning, and most importantly the creation of meaningful and relevant student instruction. I openly welcome your comments, and hope that my insights and presented information works to inspire and assist fellow educators in the effective integration of technology.

In Barcelona with my Girls!

In Barcelona with my Girls!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Changing Face of Education

There is little doubt that the increased prevalence and use of technology by today's students has worked to influence the manner in which teachers develop and deliver their instruction.  Gone are the traditional paper textbooks and work sheets of former years, instead replaced with the latest in interactive technology and manipulative software...all designed to engage learners and build upon not only their personal interests but also changing societal demands.  Take a spin through YouTube and you can immediately see the impact technology has had on the way in which people communicate, evaluate, and share information.  Jump on your Facebook page and you immediately see the changing nature in how people interact and socialize - distance is no longer an obstacle in being able to 'see' what your family and friends are up to.  People are able to get real time 'status' updates and share whatever happens to be on their minds.  Up until now I never realized that Facebook was a blog; who knew I was such an avid blogger?! LOL   Technology has indeed changed the way in which people live their lives, and as such it is very much incumbent on us, as teachers, to assist our students in developing the skills and attitudes needed to be active and educated participants in what is now an increasingly digital era.

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