Welcome to my Blog!

Hello and welcome to my blog. It is here that I will be working through various discussion topics related to technology, learning, and most importantly the creation of meaningful and relevant student instruction. I openly welcome your comments, and hope that my insights and presented information works to inspire and assist fellow educators in the effective integration of technology.

In Barcelona with my Girls!

In Barcelona with my Girls!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

And I'm Off and Running...well maybe Walking Briskly!

So here I sit wondering what in the world I am suppose to be entering into my first official blog entry...something deep and profound; or rather the simple truth?  I am familiar with various forms of educational technology and with its meaningful integration, but have thus far somehow managed to remain all shiny and new to the world of blogging!  Thus given my 'newbie' status I am looking for any and all available blogging insight from my 'followers' so that my blog and the content within it can become something of value not only to myself but to others.  I look forward to the creation aspect of my page and am excited by the inherent possibilities associated with this type of interactive media.  I hope to inspire, encourage, and ultimately learn myself as my blog transforms and begins to take shape.  Who knows what the future holds in store but guaranteed it will be fun to see!  Cheers...Trevor

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